Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Pick a Side!

With the protests happening around the country and the lines being drawn pretty obviously, I think its time to challenge those who haven't picked a side yet.  Especially those who belong to the so called "middle" or the few remaining "independents".  Whose side are you on?

The lines seem pretty clearly drawn.  On one side you have the 99%, "We the People".  The people who are getting screwed by the system.  The poor, the elderly, the youth, the middle class, the small business owner, the student, so on, and so on and so on. 

On the other side, you have the 1%.  The Wall St. Bankers, the corporate interests, and the super-wealthy.  These are the ones who have committed fraud, lobbied our government representatives to the point of controlling them, received bailouts when they have fucked up, and stolen money from the people.

What side will YOU be on?

Will you stand with the 99% when you see that 49 million Americans live in poverty?
Will you stand with the 99% after you find out that the top 1% earning Americans saw their income increase by 275%?
Will you stand with the 99% after you find out that America ranks in the bottom third of how equitably family income is distributed within each nation?
Will you stand with the 99% after you hear this story and this story and this story?

Or will you stand with the 1% and their tax cuts, their bailouts, their crooks, and their destruction?

No standing in the middle.
No saying "I don't want to talk about Politics."
No more saying, "I need more time to make my decision."

This isn't about politics.
This is isn't about Republicans or Democrats.

This is about HUMANITY.

Humanity is suffering, in this country and around the world.  And the 1% continues to make off like kings.

Will you stand on the side of humanity?  Or will you stand on the side of wealth?

I know which side I stand on.  I challenge everyone to pick a side. 


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