Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Republican Racism Problem

It would seem that the Republican party may have a bit of a racist element to it (you think?).  To people on the left, it's a problem.  We don't see America as a place where racist views are mainstreamed and accepted.  We don't silence them because of that pesky constitution.  But we just don't see them as acceptable and even right.

To people on the right, about a quarter of the population of America, believe that they are right in their racist leanings.  Either that, or they refuse to believe/admit that being racist is wrong.  They refuse to admit that hating a group of people because they come from a different place or have a different skin color is very un-Christian of them.  Unfortunately, these people vote, and appear to be poised to vote for a racist.



A small eastern Kentucky church is making huge headlines after it banned interracial couples from becoming members.

The former pastor defended the recommendation, stating it's "not intended to judge the salvation of anyone, but is intended to promote greater unity among the church body and community."
According to The Washington Post, the current pastor of the church, Stacy Stepp, said he allowed the vote but didn't agree with the decision.
So you call for a vote to ban interracial couples.  Only 15 of the 40 members don't walk out (props must be given to those who do), but the remaining fifteen, or 37.5% of the congregation, remain to vote and PASS the resolution.  Now I understand democracy and democratic process, but when its used to infringe on the rights of a specific group of people based on their race, it ceases to be democratic.

What bothers me about this, is the current pastor is saying, "I think you are wrong to think this... but I'll let you do it anyways."  How about take a stance?  How about show some leadership?  Say NO!  And if you stand for something you believe in, and your congregation disagrees with you, at least you can leave saying you did the right thing and stood against racism.

Also, did you know that banning interracial married couples "promotes greater unity among the church body and community"?  *sigh*


 Story NUMBER TWO...

Wow.... just wow.  First, in rhetorical terms, just because you say something is a fact doesn't automatically make it one.  You actually have to follow up the statement "Let's start with the following two facts" with two actual facts.  Not anecdotes, not opinions, not generalizations, but actual facts!

Second, whenever anybody like that slimeball Newt talks about "poor children" in "poor communities" and how nobody there works, I want him to just come out and tell us how he really feels.  "Those poor little niggers, being where they belong in the ghetto, could be used as indentured servitude as a way to break up the unionized janitors.  And anyways, black folks are best on their hands and knees, scrubbing rich people's floors and toilets."  Oh and Newt, go drape a confederate flag around your shoulders while you say it.

Anytime, ANY white male Republican or conservative starts talking about "poor children" and "poor communities" and how they know best about how to improve their values, all they're doing is blowing on the racist dog whistle.  Because nowadays, its unacceptable to say nigger, black, etc. on tv or the radio.  Just ask Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  But they can still do it in subtle, euphemistic, double speak and that is even worse.  I wish he would just be open about his racism, make it easier for everyone to see it.  Did you know that this asshole is the current leader of the Republican presidential nomination?

By the way, it's a fact that his parents named him Newt because they knew he would be slimy like the animal.  Fact... because I say so...


*drumroll* *drumroll* *drumroll*


Sigh... this stuff tires me out and I don't have the patience to do any sort of insightful analysis about this... so as Jon Stewart did.

Rush Limbaugh, go fuck yourself.


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