Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What did they die for?

As the Iraq war "officially" ends, the question on my mind these days is...

What exactly did the soldiers die for?
Why did 4803 brave men and women die?  What was their purpose?
Why did 32,226 Americans have to suffer physical and mental injury and trauma?
Why are 120 veterans and active service members committing suicide every week?

I ask the question of Democrat or Republican.  I ask this question to hawks and pacifists.  I even ask this question of those in the armed forces or who are veterans themselves.

To what purpose were these brave soldiers sent to die?  Eight years later and nearly 5,000 dead, I think we deserve an answer.

And if there isn't an answer, somebody better damn well pay for it.


p.s.  I realize I didn't mention the Iraqi dead.  That's for another post.

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  1. Yet another thought-provoking question (you know, the ones we all think of, but bury because it's too ugly) brought to light by the great Reality Bytes blogger.