Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I've Had Enough

I don't even know how to start this today, so I'll just let it come out.  I'm so angry and fed up at this point.  I'm no longer shocked, I'm no longer sad, I'm no longer surprised.  I'm just fed up and tired of it.

What am I fed up with?  Another senseless shooting and even more senseless people defending their "freedoms".  Two people were assassinated on live TV and the first thing I have to hear is people defending gun rights.

This conversation is no longer and has never been about you.  It's never been about your fucking right to hunt, to sport shoot, or even to own a gun (or ten).  Your greedy defense of the second amendment in the name of freedom means nothing to the two dead reporters, the nine dead churchgoers in Charleston, the twenty dead six-year old's from Sandy Hook, the twelve dead movie goers from Aurora, the endless dead at the hands of police violence, etc. etc. etc.  Your defense of your so-called "freedom" is meaningless, greedy, selfish, and makes you a pitiful and awful person.  I don't care how you feel anymore.  Your feelings mean nothing to the over 30,000 American's killed each year by gun violence.  And that's a low estimate.  So put away the constitution for one fucking second and have a fucking heart.

The next person who says any of the following or anything along these lines...

  • "People kill people, not guns."
  • "If a person has the intent to do some harm, they'll do it if they have a gun or not."
  • "Regulations and tighter laws won't do anything to stop a person from getting or using a gun to commit harm."
  • "I'm not doing anything wrong with my guns, why should I be subject to tighter laws?"
  • "What's next?  Arresting people who have knives?  Who post pictures on facebook with knives?"
  • "Cars kill more people than guns, should we ban cars?  Should we have even tighter rules about cars?"
I no longer want any association with you.  I no longer will try to convince you of your stupidity, ignorance, and selfishness.  30,000 dead every year at the end of a gun barrel is a public crisis and unique to the United States.  And it has nothing to do with you, especially if you can't see beyond your own self.

Why am I so mad about this?  Because its personal.

Let me talk to you about Rey Dorantes, 14 years old, freshman in high school, shot and killed on my block in a case of mistaken identity.

How about Sergio Oliva, 15 year old high school freshman student of mine, shot and killed in a gang dispute.

Let me tell you about Walter Wright, a 17 year old high school junior or mine, shot and killed.  He was lucky to make it to his junior year of HS.

Or how about Julius Campbell?  Or Demetrius?  Or the others that I'm embarrassed to say whose names I don't remember.

Tell me how tighter rules and enforcement of guns matter to their souls or their families.  Tell me the same about the two people murdered on live television today.

If you tell me one more time that more rules, tighter regulations, and gun limits "won't keep guns out of the hands of bad people or off the street", I will lose my shit.  If you tell me one more time how "freedom has a cost", I will lose my shit even more.

And after I do that, I will have nothing more to do with your selfish ass.

p.s.  Sorry about all the cursing.  I'm so angry.

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