Friday, August 19, 2016

So, Where Are Those Death Panels?

So, Obama will be out of office in roughly five months *sniff*.  But I have a question to all my conservative or Republican friends or colleagues (or non-friends).  These questions are also to anyone in the media (even though I know you're not reading this).

  • Where are the death panels?
  • Has common core destroyed our children?
  • Where is the martial law that Obama has created through military exercises in Texas?
  • I'm still waiting for the United Nations one world order....
  • Has Shariah law taken over our country yet?
  • Has Obama taken all  your guns?
  • Have you found the FEMA concentration camps?
  • Have the "flood" of illegal immigrants destroyed our country?
  • Can you tell me about all the "terrorist" attacks the new Black Panthers have committed?
Alex Jones, master right wing conspiracy theorist

Hmmmmmm, now that I think about it, there's more:

  • Where's the secret Muslim terrorist training camps?
  • Gay marriage has destroyed our country..... right?
  • Racism is dead because we elected a black president.... right?
  • Sure seems like Obama has turned this country into a socialist, marxist dictatorship..... right?
  • Planned parenthood continues to harvest and trade baby parts on the black market..... right?
  • All the polls are skewed and Romney should have won.... right?
  • Global warming is a hoax because it snows in the winter.... correct?
  • Has sex education made all our children promiscuous fuck monsters who have dozens of abortions?
  • Did you find Obama's Kenyan birth certificate yet?
  • The Sandy Hook shooting fabrication was uncovered as a plot to take all your guns.....yea?
  • Has the government taken over every piece of land and made it public yet?  You know, like Cliven Bundy's land?
Andrew Breitbart, running Trump's campaign from the grave
You've basically been wrong about everything for the last eight years (and even many more).  At this point, you need to go to your rooms.  It's time for your punishment.  You're grounded.  You need to think about what you've done, then apologize to the American public that you've deceived.  Then you'll quit your jobs and move somewhere very far, far away.

Obama must have made you very sad

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