Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dangers of Republican Racism

I don't usually go this far with the title, but the language is appropriate after watching this clip from the Republican / Fox News debate on MLK day no less.

Stunning enough as his comments are, its shocking to see and hear the crowds response.  

Newt has this sort of ideological purity that says that he knows what's best, especially for a whole group of people within American culture; blacks.  And he can talk about how he means "poor", but he means "black".  This is clearly evidenced by the audience, the racists in South Carolina.  

But this sort of ideological purity can be dangerous when its rooted in racist beliefs; when its rooted in the belief that you are superior.  Its especially dangerous when you show yourself to be in the minority, when you really are not.  As Republicans cry about the death of "white America", they need an enemy to blame for their "white decline".  Who are those enemies?

Black and brown people...



They (White Christian Republicans) are racially "the best" of the American people.
They have "the highest" self-esteem.
They value work more than "other" Americans.
They have a greater "work ethic" than blacks and browns.
White Republicans are the most upstanding Americans there are.

And they should have the right "to fight" for their superiority, because it is that "other American" Barack Obama that is ruining this country; its that racially inferior black president who is taking this country down the road of destruction.

If you don't believe it, you're not listening close enough to God.  Because its God who has told them they are superior, and that their beliefs and values are a holy order.

And the crowd in South Carolina?

They soaked it up.

Boo-ed the black liberal challenging Newt's premise.
Cheered the white Republican's racial superiority and knowledge.

What's next?


I challenge anyone who disagrees with me to say so in the comments below.  But don't in ignorance think that racial superiority and racially motivated beliefs are not dangerous.  When you think your race and values are "truth" and "superior", I worry for the day you and your party gain power.


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