Saturday, February 25, 2012

Santorum's Theocracy

Make no doubt about it, when Santorum is talking about his policies, they come from his religion.  And make no doubt about it, he intends to turn this country into a theocracy should he become president.

Watch this little piece and try to become aware of what he means when he says these things.  When he talks about one man's Christianity not being as good as his.  When he derides another person's Christianity because it places value on the planet's health.  When he talks about his theocratic values being the basis for the laws and social policy of this country.

Theocracy in the United States?  Its always possible.

When analysis starts saying that Santorum is "talking about things like Hitler" and calls it fundamentalist "brainless biblical babble", it should perk some ears up.



I missed this earlier.  Even his spokesperson is in on the gig, calling Obama's policies "radical Islamist".  Special...

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