Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Why Corporations are Happy

They are happy because Santorum, Romney, and Gingrich are driving the conversation.  This Republican primary and election season SHOULD be talking about a few things.  The conversation SHOULD be revolving around...

- The corporate destruction of the economy
- The corporate destruction of the environment
- Corporate theft of our tax dollars and jobs
- How to fix the economy, and get the money and power influence out of our government.

Instead, we seem to be talking almost entirely about...

- Ending a woman's right to a legal abortion
- Ending a woman's right to legal contraception
- Obama's faith

Republican's know they can't win on the economy.  And since they're gigantic tool bags of the super wealthy  and the 1% in America, they definitely know they can't win the conversation on the economy either.  So what do they do?

Change the topic of conversation and hope that people don't notice.

I thought we were done with this shit when Turd Blossom was advising the president.

I only wish Occupy had kept the conversation around their message.


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