Thursday, February 9, 2012

What have YOU lost under Obama?

I'm so sick and fucking tired of hearing the following.

"The country is being destroyed under president Obama."

"We're slowly losing all of our rights under Obama."

"We have to take our country back."

"Our liberties are being eroded little by little."

"This country is turning communist / fascist / marxist."

"Electing a Republican in 2012 is our last hope to save this country."

So lets actually hear it...

What the FUCK have YOU lost under Barack Obama?

What rights have YOU lost?
How has Obama destroyed the country for YOU?
Which of YOUR liberties have been eroded?
How is Obama turning the country away from Democracy?
What will a Republican do better for YOU than Obama?





Crickets.... thought so...

I issued a challenge a while back to people asking them what was justified about the Iraq war and why thousands of our troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis had to die for.  I got ZERO RESPONSES.  I realize there are probably no Republicans or even Conservatives who read my blog, so maybe you can share this with them.  Or even ask your conservative friends the above questions.

But lets see the responses.  And yea, I'm mad.  I can't stand that rhetoric anymore.  Its so full of shit it drives me nuts.  Especially when I see rhetoric like this...

Enough already.  Time to back up some of this nonsense with FACTS.


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